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Dr. Ni Ketut Pande Dewi Jayanti

zur Person




·  Name                              : Ni Ketut Pande Dewi Jayanti

·  Date of birth                    : May 22nd 1969

·  Gender                            : Female

·  Age                                 : 35

·  Citizenship                       : Indonesia

·  Place of residence           : P. Seribu, no. 1, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 80114

·  Office                             : Jl. Jendral Sudirman kampus Universitas Udayana Denpasar

·  Contact numbersin Bali   : phone.  62 361 255316 (0ffice)

o    62 361 231630  (home)

 62 361 233860

      Fax. 62 361 233860 (home) 62 361 255316 (office)

·  Email address                  :




Educational Attainments:


·  Bachelor degree: Sarjana Teknik (ST),1994

The University of Udayana (UNUD) Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia in 1994. In the school of Architecture, faculty of Engineering.


·  Master degree: Master of Science Engineering (MScEng), 1999

The University of New South Wales, Faculty of Civil and Environment, School of Construction management.


·  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), October, 2003

The University of New South Wales, Faculty of Built Environment, School of Architecture. Dissertation title:  Tourism and Cultural Representation in Balinese Housing: an assessment of the effectiveness of the ‘local nuances’ building code.


·  Postdoctoral Study (non-degree), 2007

Affiliated with Monash University as a Fellow Research in the Faculty of Arts, Department of Social and Political Sciences, School of Anthropology. Research topic: Interpreting Cross-Cultural identity: Indonesian Diaspora in Australia.





RECENT Professional and Academic Careers:

·  Fulltime Senior Lecturer at the Udayana University (UNUD), Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture (since 1997 ).

Position: Senior lecturer for graduate and postgraduate students, supervising students’ final projects. Coordinator / lecturer for subjects: ‘Conservation, Philosophy and Theory’ and ‘Seminar’ (postgraduate), ‘Tropical Architecture’ (International course),   ‘Research Methodology 1’ ‘Studio Architecture 1’ and ‘Studio Architecture IV’ (undergraduate).


·  Head of International Program in the Department of Architecture since 2010. The program offers courses include SEA Architecture, Tropical Living which run every semester for international students.


·  Coordinator for International Admission, the International Office of Udayana University, Bali since 2010.






Publications and International conferences:

·  Jayanti,D, 2010, Architecture for the Dead, presented in the European Conference for Academic Disciplines, organized by International Journal of Arts and Sciences, 28 November – 3 December, 2010, Gottenheim, Germany


·  Jayanti,D, 2010, ‘In Search for Sustainable Local Architectural Significance in the Sway of Consumption Culture’, Proceedings International Conference on Sustainability and Technology Development, October 8-9, 2010, Denpasar, pp.A30 – A38.


·  Jayanti, D, 2009, ‘Placemaking in Living Heritage: In the context of Conservation and Tourism’, Proceedings International Seminar on Making Space for A Better Quality of Living, August 18, 2009 Yogyakarta, pp. 43-49.


·  Jayanti, D, 2007 ‘Interpreting Place Identity and Meaning of Home: Learning from Expatriates’ Experience’, Proceedings International Conference on Built Environment in Developing Countries (ICBEDC 2007), December 3-4 2007, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.


·    Jayanti, D, ‘2007 Place Identity and Transnationalism in Australia: Cross-cultural Participation of Balinese Migrants’, Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) Annual Conference 2007; Transforming Economies, Changing States, ANU, October 30 – November 2 2007, Canberra, Australia.


·  Jayanti, D, 2007 ‘Balinese Diaspora in Australia: Interpreting Cross-cultural Meaning of Home’ presented on the Indonesia Council Open Conference (ICOC) 2007, 24-25 September 2007, Melbourne.


·  Jayanti, D, 2006 ‘Eco-Settlement in the Tropical Living of Ubud’, Seminar Proceeding, International Seminar on Tropical Eco-Settlements, 14-16 November, Denpasar, Bali, pp 33-41.


·  Jayanti, D, 2006 ‘Island [Not] for Sale: Ajeg Bali in the Paradigm of Creative Urban Culture’, Seminar Proceedings, International Seminar on Urban Culture: Arte-Polis, Creative Culture and the Making of Place, 21-22 July 2006, Bandung, pp.V-46 – VI-52.


·  Jayanti, D, and AgusintaDewi, 2006 ‘Gap in the City Image Making in Tourism City of Kuta, Bali’, Seminar Proceedings, International Seminar on Urban Culture: Arte-Polis, Creative Culture and the Making of Place, 21-22 July 2006, Bandung, pp.V-26 – V-33..


·  Jayanti, D., 2005  ‘Pop Architecture and Consumption on Places of Uniqueness’, SEASREP 10th Anniversary Conference on ‘Southeast Asia, A Global Crossroads’, December. 2005, Chiang Mai, pp. 16-29.


·  Jayanti, D., 2003 ‘Tourism and Cultural Representation in Balinese Housing; An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the ‘Local Nuances’ Building Code’, Doctoral Dissertation, The University of New South Wales, Sydney.


·  Jayanti, D., 2002 ‘Myth of Dominance in Cultural Representation of the House: an assessment of building codes in Bali’, [Un]Bounding Tradition: the Tensions of Borders and Regions, Eight International Conference, Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review (TDSR) vol. XIV no. 1 Fall, December 12-15, 2002, Hong Kong, p.42 sec.45.


·  Jayanti, D., 2002, ‘Regulation in Cultural Representation of Residential Buildings: the Households' Perspectives’, Proceedings, Second International Seminar on Vernacular Settlement in the New Millennium, February 16-17, 2002 Jakarta, pp. 160-170.


·  Jayanti, D., 2002, ‘An Assessment of Building Codes in Bali: Cultural Representation in Housing Design’, paper presented at the ACSA 2002 conference on Odyssey: Worlds on the Move, February 22-24 2002, Atlanta.


·  Jayanti, D., 2001, ‘The Island of Bali Experience: Regulating Cultural Representation In the Built Environment’, paper presented at the International Conference on Social Inequality, Redistributive Justice and the City (RC21), June 15-17 2001, Amsterdam, Netherlands


·  Jayanti, D., 2001, ‘Roles of Institutions for Cultural Representation towards Sustainable Living Environment: the Experience of Bali’, paper presented at the international conference: Global Change and Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia, Chiang Mai, Thailand 17-19 February 2001




2011: Recipient of Research Grant Hibah Bersaing on research on ‘Rationalisation of the Balinese traditional architectural rules of the Asta Kosala. The research was conducted in Bali, 2011


2010: Recipient of Program Academic Recharging in the University of Dortmund and University of Siegen, Germany, Granted by the Directorate General of Higher Education Indonesia


2007: Recipient of Endeavour Award 2007: Postdoctoral Fellowship, DEST Australia.

Research title: ‘Interpreting Cross-cultural Identity: Indonesian Diaspora in Indonesia’.


2006: Conference funds from Minister of Public Work, Indonesian Government: As one of the conference organisers of the International Seminar on Tropical Eco-Settlements, in November, Bali Indonesia.


2005: Travel and conference grant from Toyota Foundation:  paper presented in the SEASREP 10th Anniversary Conference in December, Chiang Mai Thailand.


2003: AHURI Grants as the SPSS analyses researcher at the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) Sydney, research on ‘Welfare Outcomes of Migration of Low-income Earners from Metropolitan to Non-metropolitan Australia’.


1999-2002 Recipient of Asian Development Bank Scholarship & Fellowship: Master and Doctoral Degrees attained in Australia.



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