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Data Overview




Biomass turnover


Erb, Karl-Heinz, Tamara Fetzel, Christoph Plutzar, Thomas Kastner, Christian Lauk, Andreas Mayer, Maria Niedertscheider, Christian Korner, and Helmut Haberl. “Biomass Turnover Time in Terrestrial Ecosystems Halved by Land Use.” Nature Geoscience 9, no. 9 (September 2016): 674–78.


Nature geoscience


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HANPP Europe 1990/2000/2006


C. Plutzar, C. Kroisleitner, H. Haberl, T. Fetzel, C. Bulgheroni, T. Beringer, P. Hostert, T. Kastner, T. Kuemmerle, C. Lauk, C. Levers, M. Lindner, D. Moser, D. Müller, M. Niedertscheider, M. L. Paracchini, S. Schaphoff, P. H. Verburg, P. J. Verkerk, and K.-H. Erb, “Changes in the spatial patterns of human appropriation of net primary production (HANPP) in Europe 1990–2006,” Regional Environmental Change, vol. 16, no. 5, pp. 1225–1238, 2016.


Regional Environmental Change


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USSR chimneys


Material Flows USSR/FSU 1900 to 2010

Krausmann, F., Gaugl, B., West, J., Schandl, H., 2016. The metabolic transition of a planned economy: Material flows in the USSR and the Russian Federation 1900 to 2010. Ecol. Econ. 124, 76–85. doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2015.12.011.


Ecological Economics






Land-use change and human appropriation of net primary production in nine European countries


Gingrich, S.; Niedertscheider, M.; Kastner, T.; Haberl, H.; Cosor, G.; Krausmann, F.; Kuemmerle, T.; Müller, D.; Reith-Musel, A.; Jepsen, M. R.; Vadineanu, A.; Erb, K.-H. (2015): Exploring long-term trends in land use change and aboveground human appropriation of net primary production in nine European countries. In: Land Use Policy 47, pp 426-438. DOI: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2015.04.027


Article on ScienceDirect






Human appropriation of net primary production (HANPP) 1910 to 2005

Krausmann, F., Erb, K.H., Gingrich, S., Haberl, H., Bondeau, A., Gaube, V., Lauk, C., Plutzar, C., Searchinger, T.D. 2013. Global human appropriation of net primary production doubled in the 20th century. PNAS 110 (10324-10329). (


Open Access Article at PNAS





Glometra Picture


Global material flow data by world regions and country groupings, 1950-2010

Schaffartzik, A., Mayer, A., Gingrich, S., Eisenmenger, N., Loy, C., Krausmann, F., 2014. The global metabolic transition: Regional patterns and trends of global material flows, 1950–2010. Global Environmental Change 26, 87–97.


Open Access Article on ScienceDirect





Material Flows Iceland and Trinidad and Tobago 1961-2008

Krausmann, F., Richter, R., Eisenmenger, N., 2014. Resource use in small Island states: Material flows in Iceland and Trinidad and Tobago 1961-2008. Journal of Industrial Ecology 18 (2) 294-305.


Journal of Industrial Ecology





Energy Consumption Vienna 1800 to 2009 (updated Version July 2012)

Krausmann, F. 2013. A City and its Hinterland: Vienna’s Energy Metabolism 1800-2006. In: Singh, S., Haberl, H., Schmid, M., Mirtl, M., Chertow, M. Long Term Socio Ecological Research. Springer, New York.






Material Flows India 1961 to 2008

Singh, S. J., Krausmann, F., Gingrich, S., Haberl, H., Erb, K.-H., Lanz, P., 2012. India's biophysical economy, 1961 – 2008. Sustainability in a national and global context. Ecological Economics 76, 60-69.

Ecological Economics





Material and Energy Flows in the United States of America, 1870 to 2005

Gierlinger, S., Krausmann, F., 2012. The physical economy of the United States of America : Extraction, trade and consumption of materials from 1870 to 2005. Journal of Industrial Ecology 16(3), 365-377.


Journal of Industrial Ecology





Material Flows Japan 1878 to 2005

Krausmann, F., Gingrich, S., Nourbakhch-Sabet, R., 2011. The metabolic transition in Japan: A material flow account for the period 1878 to 2005. Journal of Industrial Ecology 15 (6) 877-892.


Journal of Industrial Ecology




degradation picture


Global loss of net primary production resulting from human-induced soil degradation in drylands


Zika, M., Erb, K.H., 2009. The global loss of net primary production resulting from human-induced soil degradation in drylands. Ecological Economics 69, 310–318.
Open Access Article on Sciencedirect




global biomass metab thumb


Global biomass metabolism 2000

Krausmann, F., K.-H. Erb, S. Gingrich, C. Lauk and H. Haberl, 2008. Global patterns of socioeconomic biomass flows in the year 2000: A comprehensive assessment of supply, consumption and constraints. Ecological Economics 65(3), 471-487.




global hanpp thumb


Global HANPP 2000

Haberl, H., K.-H. Erb, F. Krausmann, V. Gaube, A. Bondeau, C. Plutzar,  S. Gingrich, W. Lucht and M. Fischer-Kowalski, 2007. Quantifying and mapping the global human appropriation of net primary production in Earth's terrestrial ecosystems. Proceedings of the National Acadademy of  Sciences of the United States of America 104, 12942-12947.




land use thumb


Global land use 2000


Erb, K.-H., V. Gaube, F. Krausmann, C. Plutzar, A. Bondeau and H. Haberl, 2007. A comprehensive global 5min resolution land-use dataset for the year 2000 consistent with national census data. Journal of Land Use Science 2(3), 191-224.




Bild Czechoslovakia


Energy Metabolism Czechoslovakia, 1830-2002

Kuskova, P., S. Gingrich and F. Krausmann, 2008: Long term changes in social metabolism and land use in Czechoslovakia, 1830-2000: An energy transition under changing political regimes. Ecological Economics 68(1-2), 394-407.






Global material and energy flows 2000


Krausmann, F., M. Fischer-Kowalski, H. Schandl and N. Eisenmenger, 2008. The global socio-metabolic transition: past and present metabolic profiles and their future trajectories. Journal of Industrial Ecology 12(5-6), 637-657.
Includes revised version 1.1 of the dataset.

JIE online






Carbon stocks and flows in Austria 1830-2000 

Erb, K.-H., S. Gingrich, F. Krausmann and H. Haberl, 2008. Industrialization, fossil fuels and the transformation of land use: An integrated analysis of carbon flows in Austria 1830-2000. Journal of Industrial Ecology 12(5-6), 686-703.

Gingrich, S., K.-H. Erb, F. Krausmann, V. Gaube and H. Haberl, 2007. Long-term dynamics of terrestrial carbon stocks in Austria. A comprehensive assessment of the time period from 1830 to 2000. Regional Environmental Change 7(1), 37-47.

Krausmann, F. (2001): Land Use and Industrial Modernization: an empirical analysis of human influence on the functioning of ecosystems in Austria 1830 - 1995. Land Use Policy 18(1), 17-26. 






Energetic metabolism of the EU-15 and the USA, 1960-2001

Haberl, H., H. Weisz, C. Amann, A. Bondeau, N. Eisenmenger, K.-H. Erb, M. Fischer-Kowalski and F. Krausmann (2006). The energetic metabolism of the EU-15 and the USA. Decadal energy input time-series with an emphasis on biomass. Journal of Industrial Ecology 10(4), 151-171.






Global materials extraction 1900 to 2009 (update 2011)


Krausmann, F., Gingrich, S., Eisenmenger, N., Erb, K.H., Haberl, H., Fischer-Kowalski, M. Growth in global materials use, GDP and population during the 20th century. Ecological Economics 2009 (in press:  doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2009.05.007).

Ecological Economics online



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Biomass consumed in anthropogenic vegetation fires 2000


Lauk, C., K.-H. Erb (2009). Biomass consumed in anthropogenic vegetation fires: Global patterns and processes. Ecological Economics 69(2), 301-309.



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Annual time series data of useful work supply in Austria, Japan, United Kingdom and the USA 1900 to 2000


Warr, B., A. Robert, N. Eisenmenger, F. Krausmann, H. Schandl. Ecological Economics (2010, online first): Energy use and economic development: A comparative analysis of useful work supply in Austria, Japan, the United Kingdom and the US during 100 years of economic growth by.

Ecological Economics online



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Global material flows (extraction and trade) by country for the year 2000. Version 2.0 (physical estimate of construction minerals)

Steinberger, J., F. Krausmann,  N. Eisenmenger, 2010. The global patterns of materials use: a socioeconomic and geophysical analysis. Ecological Economics 69(5), 1148-1158.

Ecological Economics online


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