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Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Helmut Haberl


(Habilitation in Humanökologie, Universität Wien 2001; Doktorat in Ökologie, Universität Wien 1995; Magister in Biologie und Mathematik, Universität Wien 1989)



Mitgliedschaft in Herausgebergremien von Fachjournalen:
Ecological Economics
Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management
Land Use Policy
The Anthropocene Review



  • IPCC lead author for chapter 11 'Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Uses (AFOLU)', WGIII 'Mitigation', 5th Assessment Report (AR5), 2010-2014
  • Convening lead author (CLA) for the chapter 2 in volume 3 (Adaptation and Mitigation related to agriculture, forestry, water and ecosystems) of the Austrian assessment report of the Austrian Panel on Climate Change
  • Editor-in-chief, section „Social Ecology and Sustainability“ of “Sustainability
  • Senior Handling Editor of Regional Environmental Change
  • Member of the editorial team of the Springer book series "Human-Environment Interactions"
  • Lead author for Knowledge Modules 7 (Energy resources) and 20 (Trade-offs land, water) for the Global Energy Assessment (IIASA)
  • Member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Global Land Project (2004-2011)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency (EEA) (2003-2011)
  • Mitglied der Wissenschaftlichen Kommission „Umwelt“ der Deutschen Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften  


    Gutachter für Fachjournale (Auswahl)
    American Sociological Review Nature
    Climatic Change
    Global Change Biology
    Global Environmental Change
    nature Climate Change
    Progress in Energy & Combustion Science

    Sonstige Gutachtertätigkeit:
    International Advisory Commission, Urbanising Deltas of the World programme, NWO, The Hague (2013 – 2015)
    EU Call “FP7 ENV.2010.4.2.2-1”, Theme 6 ‘Environment’, 12/2010-1/2011
    IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation (SRREN), 2010
    EU Call “FP7-ENV-2009-1”, Theme 6 “Environment (including climate change), 3/2010
    EU Call "FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2007-1", May/June 2007

    Ausgewählte laufende Projekte: 
    EU-FP7: Visions of Land Use Transitions in Europe ‘VOLANTE’, (leader of module 1 ‘processes’)


  • Energie und Gesellschaft

  • Klimawandel

  • Integrierte Landsystem-Forschung

  • Bioenergie

  • Nachhaltigkeit und Gesellschaft-Natur-Interaktion 

  • Sozio-ökologische Landzeitforschung (LTSER)

  • Menschliche Aneignung von Nettoprimärproduktion (HANPP)




    HELMUT HABERL, Ausgewählte Publikationen

    [Mai 2015]

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    Full publication list

    Special issues, edited volumes

    • Haberl, H., M. Fischer-Kowalski, F. Krausmann, V. Winiwarter (eds.), 2015. Social Ecology, Society-Nature Interaction Across Time and Space. Springer, Dordrecht, in press.
    • Singh, S.J., H. Haberl, M. Chertow, M. Mirtl, M. Schmid (eds.), 2013. Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research. Studies in Society: Nature Interactions Across Spatial and Temporal Scales. Springer, Berlin.
    • Erb, K.-H., H. Haberl and F. Krausmann (eds.), 2009. Analyzing the global human appropriation of net primary production – processes, trajectories, implications. Ecol. Econ. (special section), 69, 250-334.
    • Newig, J., H. Haberl, C. Pahl-Wostl, D. Rothman (eds.), 2008. Formalised and Non-Formalised Methods in Resource Management, Knowledge and Learning in Participatory Processes. Syst. Pract. Action Res. (special issue), 21, 381-515.
    • Fischer-Kowalski, M. and H. Haberl (eds.), 2007. Socioecological Transitions and Global Change. Trajectories of Social Metabolism and Land Use. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.
    • Haberl, H., M. Wackernagel, T. Wrbka (eds.), 2004. Land Use and Sustainability Indicators. Land Use Policy (special issue), 21, 193-320.
    • Haberl, H., S. Batterbury, E. Moran (eds.), 2001. Using and Shaping the Land: A long-term perspective. Land Use Policy (special issue), 18, 1-91.


    Selected journal articles (peer reviewed)

    • Robledo-Abad, C., H.J. Althaus, G. Berndes, S. Bolwig, E. Corbera, F. Creutzig, J. Garcia-Ulloa, A. Geddes, J.S. Gregg, H. Haberl, S. Hanger, R. Harper, C. Hunsberger, R.K. Larsen, C. Lauk, S. Leitner, J. Lilliestam, H. Lotze-Campen, B. Muys, M. Nordborg, M. Ölund, B. Orlowsky, A. Popp, J. Portugal, J. Reinhard, L. Scheiffle, P. Smith, 2016. Bioenergy production and sustainable development: the science base for policy making remains limited. Global Change Biology Bioenergy, doi: 10.1111/gcbb.12338 [online].
    • Niedertscheider, M., T. Kastner, T. Fetzel, H. Haberl, C. Kroisleitner, C. Plutzar, K.-H. Erb, 2016. Mapping and analysing cropland use intensity from a NPP perspective. Environmental Research Letters, 11, 014008.
    • Levers, C., D. Müller, K.-H. Erb, H. Haberl, M.R. Jepsen, M.J. Metzger, P. Meyfroidt, T. Plieninger, C. Plutzar, J. Stürck, P.H. Verburg, T. Kümmerle, 2015. Archetypical patterns and trajectories of land systems in Europe. Regional Environmental Change, doi: 10.1007/s10113-015-0907-x [online].
    • Teixidó Figueras, J.J., J.K. Steinberger, F. Krausmann, H. Haberl, T. Kastner, G.P. Peters, T. Wiedmann, T. Kastner, J.A. Duro, 2016. International inequality of environmental pressures: decomposition and comparative analysis. Ecological Indicators, 62, 163–173.
    • Fetzel, T., M. Niedertscheider, H. Haberl, F. Krausmann, K.-H. Erb, 2015. Patterns and changes of land use and land-use efficiency in Africa 1980 - 2005. An analysis based on the Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production framework. Regional Environmental Change, doi 10.1007/s10113-015-0891-1 [online] (IRI) .
    • Friis, C., J.Ø. Nielsen, I. Otero, H. Haberl, J. Niewöhner, P. Hostert, 2015. From teleconnection to telecouplings: taking stock of an emerging framework in land system science. Journal of Land Use Science, doi: 10.1080/1747423X.2015.1096423 [online]
    • Plutzar, C., C. Kroisleitner, H. Haberl, T. Fetzel, C. Bulgheroni, T. Beringer, P. Hostert, T. Kastner, T. Kuemmerle, C. Lauk, C. Levers, M. Lindner, D. Moser, D. Müller, M. Niedertscheider, M.L. Paracchini, S. Schaphoff, P.H. Verburg, P.J. Verkerk, K.-H. Erb, 2015. Changes in the spatial patterns of human appropriation of net primary production (HANPP) in Europe 1990-2006. Regional Environmental Change. doi: 10.1007/s10113-015-0820-3. [online]
    • Mouchet, M.A., C. Levers, L. Zupan, T. Kümmerle, C. Plutzar, K.-H. Erb, S. Lavorel, W. Thuiller, H. Haberl, 2015. Testing the relative effectiveness of environmental variables to explain European terrestrial vertebrate species richness across biogeographical scales. PlosOne, 10(7), e0131924.
    • Haberl, H., 2015. Competition for land: a sociometabolic perspective. Ecological Economics, 119, 424-431.
    • Schaffartzik, A., H. Haberl, T. Kastner, D. Wiedenhofer, N. Eisenmenger, K.-H. Erb, 2015. Trading Land: A Review of Approaches to Accounting for Upstream Land Requirements of Traded Products. Journal of Industrial Ecology, Special Issue on „Frontiers in Socioeconomic Metabolism Research” (edited by Heinz Schandl, Daniel Müller, Yuichi Moriguchi), 19(5), 703-714.
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    • Alvarenga, R.A.F., S.R. Soares, H. Haberl, K.-H. Erb, R. Van Zelm, J. Dewulf, 2015. Global land use impacts on biomass production - a spatial-differentiated resource-related life cycle impact assessment method. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 20(4), 440-450
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    Articles in edited volumes (selected)

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