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PhD Theses at the Institutes of Information and Communication Technology

Networked and Embedded Systems

Smart System-Technologies


Transportation Informatics

  • Alireza Fasih: "CNN- and FPGA-based high performance Machine Vision for ADAS and mobile Robots"
  • Umair Ali Khan: "Neuron Dynamics Based real-time Scheduling of a bus-on-Demand Service"
  • Muhammad Ahsan Latif: "Contribution to Adaptive Machine Vision by involving the Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators' Paradigm"
  • Hima Deepthi Vankalayapati: "Face Recognition and Contribution to the Real-time Observation of the Driver Status"
  • Daniel Schwingshackl: "Contribution to Real-time Sensor Data Quality Assessment and Prediction"
  • Christopher Schwarzlmüller: CNN-based Adaptive Machine Vision
  • Dave Tshimbalanga: “Chaotic Neuron Dynamics and related Synchronization for Feature Binding – Quantum Aspects and Application in Robust Machine Vision for Driver Assistance Systems”
  • Fadi Al Machot: "Context Models and Complex Event Detection & Classification in a Sensor Network-based Video Surveillance System"
  • Jacques Kengne: "On the Analysis of a Particular Class of Electronic Oscillators: Effects of Nonlinearity and Synchronizaion Issues with Application in Engineering"
  • Florian Fuchs: "Optimal EMS-Dispatching at Mass-casualty Incidents"
  • Michel Kalume: "Gradual Noisy Chaotic Neural Networks - Fundamentals and Selected Optimization Applications in Wireless Networks."
  • Michel Matalatala: "DNA Computing: VHDL modelling & simulation, FPGA implementation and Applications to Optimization Problems/Cases in Traffic Control"
  • Doudoux Matayo: "Quantum CNN - fundamentals and some applications for Visual computing in Transportation"
  • Antoine Kayisu: "Extend Floating Car Data Information and Evaluation prototype for real-time road Safety Assessment for the town of Kinshasa"
  • K. Kamanou: "Modelling and control of just-in-time supply chain under uncertainty - a nonlinear dynamics perspective"

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Sensors and Actuators: Research Projects/Theses


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