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Talks of Networks and Embedded Systems

Talks of Smart System-Technologies

Transportation Informatics is a rousing research area. The continuous enhancement of methods and tools and the innovations are a challenge to graduates and constitute an essential part of the motivation of doctoral candidates.
The dissertation is the core artefact to demonstrate that doctoral candidates are qualified for performing independent research. Consequently, topics for PhD-thesis are usually developed in a dialogue between the candidate and the supervisor.

The following list shows a variety of different research topics.

Already finished PhD theses can be found here


Transportation Informatics

  • Alireza Fasih: "CNN- and FPGA-based high performance Machine Vision for ADAS and mobile Robots"
  • Umair Ali Khan: "Neuron Dynamics Based real-time Scheduling of a bus-on-Demand Service"
  • Muhammad Ahsan Latif: "Contribution to Adaptive Machine Vision by involving the Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators' Paradigm"
  • Hima Deepthi Vankalayapati: "Face Recognition and Contribution to the Real-time Observation of the Driver Status"
  • Daniel Schwingshackl: "Contribution to Real-time Sensor Data Quality Assessment and Prediction"
  • Christopher Schwarzlmüller: CNN-based Adaptive Machine Vision
  • Dave Tshimbalanga: “Chaotic Neuron Dynamics and related Synchronization for Feature Binding – Quantum Aspects and Application in Robust Machine Vision for Driver Assistance Systems”
  • Fadi Al Machot: "Context Models and Complex Event Detection & Classification in a Sensor Network-based Video Surveillance System"
  • Jacques Kengne: "On the Analysis of a Particular Class of Electronic Oscillators: Effects of Nonlinearity and Synchronizaion Issues with Application in Engineering"
  • Florian Fuchs: "Optimal EMS-Dispatching at Mass-casualty Incidents"
  • Michel Kalume: "Gradual Noisy Chaotic Neural Networks - Fundamentals and Selected Optimization Applications in Wireless Networks."
  • Michel Matalatala: "DNA Computing: VHDL modelling & simulation, FPGA implementation and Applications to Optimization Problems/Cases in Traffic Control"
  • Doudoux Matayo: "Quantum CNN - fundamentals and some applications for Visual computing in Transportation"
  • Antoine Kayisu: "Extend Floating Car Data Information and Evaluation prototype for real-time road Safety Assessment for the town of Kinshasa"
  • K. Kamanou: "Modelling and control of just-in-time supply chain under uncertainty - a nonlinear dynamics perspective"

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Sensors and Actuators



Control and Mechatronic Systems


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