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News Archive

AVSS 2013 in Krakow; Poland


Call for Papers & Call for Workshops @ AVSS 2013

August 27-30, 2013 | Krakow/Poland |


AVSS is the premier annual international conference in the field of video and signal-based surveillance that brings together experts from academia, industry, and government to advance theories, methods, systems, and applications related to surveillance. AVSS-2013 will host workshops on August 27, 2013 prior to the technical program of the conference. Prospective organizers are invited to submit workshop proposals by February 18, 2013.



  Call for Papers/Workshops AVSS 2013 pdf 

NES Professors Huemer, Bettstetter and Rinner


NES is celebrating its first five years!


We are proud of our development: Since its foundation in 2007, the NES institute has grown to almost 50 staff members - now being the largest research and teaching unit in Klagenfurt!

With more than 40 % of researchers from abroad, we offer a truly international and multicultural environment. Our research portfolio includes both basic science and applied research, where the annual third-party volume reaches two million Euros, and the number of publications exceeds 40 journal and conference articles per year. Staff members received best paper awards and were short listed and offered positions by international top universities.  It also participates in the international program Interactive and Cognitive Environments, Austria's first Erasmus Mundus doctorate program.


Heading for the Future! - Check our new brochure!

Prof. Rinner and Dr. Saeed Yahyanejad


Most recent alumni @ NES!


We are happy to announce that Saeed Yahyanejad has passed his dissertation defense with distinction! His PhD thesis is entitled “Orthorectified Mosaicking of Images from Small-scale Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”. The PhD committee was composed by Prof. Huemer (chair), Prof. Gian Luca Foresti (University of Udine) and Prof. Rinner.


Let's wish our most recent alumni all the best for his future!

TrustEYE @ PCG is looking for a new staff member!


August 2012: Open Position Research Staff Member (PhD)

International Research Project on Trustworthy Sensing in Visual Sensor Networks


The project focuses on the development of privacy protection and security techniques for single and multi-camera networks. The work ranges from the development of theoretical concepts, user studies and evaluations, over system design to the implementation early prototypes and is conducted in collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS). Details on the project "TrustEYE" can be found here!

  Job Advertisement pdf 

SP-ICE Summer School 2012


SP-ICE Summer School on Signal Processing for Interactive and Cognitive Environments

September 01 - 07, 2012  |  Loano (SV), Italy


The Summer School on Signal Processing for Interactive and Cognitive Environments (SP-ICE) is the second edition of the Summer Schools series related with the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate on Interactive and Cognitive Environments (EMJD-ICE and can be considered as an ideal prosecution of the first edition that was organized by the Alpen-Adria Universität in Klagenfurt (AT) and technically co-sponsored by IEEE via the Seasonal Schools in Signal Processing (S3P) initiative.

Each year a different focus is given to the school that reflects either methodological or application aspects related to the ICE domain. This year the methodological focus will be on Signal Processing theories and techniques with their applications to domains

Main topics of the Summer School activities are machine learning, cryptography, video-processing including tracking and detection, ambient assisted living, facial biometrics, emotion recognition, serious gaming, distributed consensus, bio-inspired systems, human interactions recognition.

Check the website for details!

Felix Pletzer and Roland Tusch @ ICME 2012


Best Demo Award at ICME-2012


Roland Tusch and Felix Pletzer received the Best Demonstration Award at the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo. They presented LOOK2 - A video-based system for real-time notification of relevant traffic events which has been developed in the SOMA project in collaboration with ASFiNAG and Lakeside Labs.

Both researchers also presented another paper entitled Efficient Level of Service Classification for Traffic Monitoring in the Compressed Video Domain which describes the developed algorithms for traffic video analysis in more detail. Congratulations!

Mark your calendar! Guest Lecture "Artificial Vision", June 2012!

Lecture Series on “Artificial Vision”
Prof. Gian Luca Foresti, Dr. Christian Micheloni and Dr. Claudio Piciarelli  
(all University of Udine)

The lecture series will aim to introduce the techniques for developing advanced artificial vision based systems. From the early stages of image creation to the most advanced techniques for image and video interpretation the course will propose the state of the art algorithms for detecting objects and understanding their behaviours. A small amount of hours will be reserved to laboratory activities.  
  Details can be found here! pdf 

Prof. Rinner and Bernhard Dieber congratulate Marco Vernier, AAU's 1st Double Degree IT Graduate!


First Double-Degree IT student graduated @ AAU and University of Udine!


In the academic year 2009/2010 the first double-degree student enrolled in Klagenfurt. His master's programs are "Information Technology" at our university and "Multimedia Communications" at University of Udine. Marco Venier recently finished the double-degree program writing his master's thesis on "An Android Application for Queues Management" under the supervision of Prof. Bernhard Rinner, DI Bernhard Dieber (both AAU Klagenfurt), and Prof. Gian Luca Foresti (Univ. Udine). More information on the offered Double Degree Program please find here.

We wish our first Double Degree graduate all the best for his future and his personal career!




Patent applications for generating mosaicks!

Researchers of the Pervasive Computing group developed a method to generate an overview image -- a so-called mosaick -- from a set of individual aerial images. The novel mosaicking methods were filed as patent applications at the European and US patent offices. The manuscripts have recently been published and are available for download using identifiers EP 2423871 and EP 2423873.  
OpenLab2012 @ NES!

OpenLab2012 @ NES!

More than 70 students and people interested in the NES ongoing research activities visited the OpenLab on 8th of March 2012. Already for the 3rd time the NES institute presented its current research work  as well as open topics for bachelor thesis, research projects and master thesis. 

NES is looking forward to OpenLab 2013!

  Folder "OpenLab2012 @ NES" with open topics! pdf 

"cDrones" develops a system for aerial sensing, based on cooperating, wireless networked microdrones

cDrones filmed for TV-broadcast "Bildungsland Kaernten"


On November 23rd we were invited to show the collaboration methods between small-scale UAVs explored and studied in the cDrones project to the Austrian TV broadcast. Two heterogenous types of UAVs were deployed to monitor the entrance of the Alpen-Adria Universitaet Klagenfurt and how students, researchers and industrial partners discuss about their results.
This report will be broadcasted on "Kaernten heute" on ORF2 within the series "Bildungsland Kärnten" (educational chances in Carinthia).


SRSnet: Best Practice Project!


SRSnet: Best Practice Project!


The SRSnet project ( has been awarded as a best practice project of the Interreg IV programme! The cooperative project of the Alpen-Adria Universitaet Klagenfurt (Pervasive Computing Group and Traffic Informatics Group), Lakeside Labs and the two Italian companies EyeTech and InfoFactory has been chosen due to the outstanding project results and its good project management. The published brochure lists SRSnet along with several other Interreg projects to demonstrate the effectiveness of cross-border cooperations.

  download brochure "Cyclorama - Best Practice 2011" pdf 

cDrones Staff Member Vera Mersheeva (Russian Federation) and the new drone

Bigger, stronger, more powerful!

After long weeks of waiting, we finally received our new UAV - the MD4-1000. It's really huge and it is a lot of fun to fly it! In one of our first test flights we took a panorama of the Campus and Lakeside Park with Lake Wörthersee in the background.

  click here for the panorama, taken by our newest microdrone! download 

Best Paper Award for NES Researchers @ ROSE 2011!


Researchers of the Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems (NES) have recently received the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE International Symposium on Robotic and Sensor Environments (ROSE 2011) in Montreal. Resulting from the research project cDrones, the chair honoured the publication „Incremental, Orthorectified and Loop-independent Mosaicking of Aerial Images Taken by micro UAVs” by Saeed Yahyanejad, Markus Quaritsch, and Bernhard Rinner.


Check our publications-website for the paper and other recent publications. Congratulations! 


  Best Paper Award pdf 

IEEE/ICE Summer School @ AAU!


IEEE/ICE Summer School in Klagenfurt


The Pervasive Computing Group organized the first summer school of the Erasmus Mundus doctoral school on Interactive and Cognitive Environments. The IEEE/ICE Summer School on Networked Embedded Systems took place from September 3-7, 2011 in Klagenfurt and attracted 35 participants from 17 different countries.

The summer school included 8 lectures, 2 tutorials, student presentations, a lab tour and an excursion to Infineon Austria in Villach. The lectures were given by world experts in the field including Ian F. Akyildiz (GaTech), Kay Roemer (Univ. Luebeck), Carlo Regazzoni (Univ. Genua) and Andrea Cavallaro (QM Univ. London).


Click here for photos and videos!


Klagenfurt hosted the 8th IEEE Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance from August 30 to September 2, 2011!


AVSS-2011 featured workshops, challenge sessions, a dedicated Industrial Surveillance Day and was co-located with the ICE Summer School on Networked Embedded Systems. Together with Gian Luca Foresti, Bernhard Rinner served as general conference chair. Andrea Cavallaro served as technical program chair.


Check the AVSS-2011 site for photos and videos! 

Dr. Thomas Winkler with Professor Bernhard Rinner and Professor Roderick Bloem


Most recent alumni @ NES!


We are happy to announce that Thomas Winkler has passed his dissertation defense with distinction! His PhD thesis is entitled “Security and Privacy in Smart Camera Networks”. The PhD committee was composed by Prof. Hellwagner (chair), Prof. Bloem (TU Graz) and Prof. Rinner.


Let’s wish our most recent alumni all the best for his future!  

TrustCAM - a prototype developed at the Pervasive Computing Group

In a recent interview, researcher Thomas Winkler talks about the TrustCAM prototype developed at the Pervasive Computing Group. This trustworthy camera system allows to detect and encrypt privacy sensitive data directly on the camera. In ongoing work, he explores new ways how privacy protection properties of camera systems can be verified by monitored people.


Read the article here or listen to the interview here!



IEEE Xtreme Programming Challenge

On September 23, 2010 six teams from Klagenfurt University participated in the IEEE Xtreme Programming Challenge (a 24-hour programming competition). Eight out of 18 participants were NES-members. In total, 971 teams from all over the world took part in this competition and all teams from Klagenfurt managed to reach the Top 100!

  click here for pictures of the 24-hour programming competition! pdf 

NES-Professors Bettstetter, Rinner and Huemer


NES third-party funding exceeds 2 million Euro per year!

Since its foundation in the year 2007, the Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems (NES) has acquired 6.4 million Euro of third-party research funding, corresponding to a monthly rate of 50.000 EUR per professor. The grants and contracts include about 1.5 million from the EU, 1 million from national funds, 1 million from industry, and 2.5 million via the Lakeside Labs research cluster. By the end of this year, NES will provide 40 full-time jobs for ICT researchers, where 3/4 of them are funded externally.

Bernhard Dieber talks about TEWI's AntMe! Challenge - live on air!

Bernhard Dieber was recently interviewed by Mike Diwald (Radio Kärnten) as part of the promotion of the TEWI's AntMe! Challenge. In this interview he talks about the rules of the challenge and how to participate. Just listen in to the interview and learn more on the challenge here!


Interview with Bernhard Dieber (courtesy Mike Diwald/Radio Kärnten)



GeoBashing UI paper prototype user test


Last week, the GeoBashing team performed a paper prototype test to evaluate the new user interface for the GeoBashing MMMOG. Valuable feedback for further improvement of the GUI has been collected.

Click for the video!


Hard working young academics of PC Group during "LNdF 2010"

Pervasive Computing at "Lange Nacht der Forschung 2010"!

More than 6000 interested people visited this years "Lange Nacht der Forschung". The Pervasive Computing Group presented two projects within this event. The SOMA project demonstrated an online mutli-media distribution service showing content collected during this event. The cDrones project prepared a booth where people could try to build an overview image out of images taken from UAVs and plan their rescue mission. 

This event was a great success and we would like to thank all our visitors for their interest!

  Snapshots LNdF 2010 pdf 

Prof. Rinner with Dr. Andreas Starzacher


We are happy to announce that Andreas Starzacher has passed his dissertation defense. His PhD thesis is entitled “Multi-Sensor Real-Time Data Fusion on Embedded Computing Platforms” and was conducted as part of the EVis project. The PhD committee was composed by Prof. Hellwagner (chair), Prof. Bischof (TU Graz) and Prof. Rinner.

Let’s wish our most recent alumni all the best for his future!

IT-Interns 2010: Fabio, Patrick and Felix

In July 2010 Fabio El Manchi, Patrick Humnig and Felix Susitz did an internship at the Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems, Pervasive Computing Group. (Advisor Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Schriebl). Their task was to program a new application for the TI watch 'eZ430-chronos'. They implemented a boxing competition game; the winner is the one who has a harder punch. Therefore, they had to read out different sensors, process the sensor data and display the results. All three interns had a lot of fun and gained experience during their work!


click here for the video: Fabio, Patrick and Felix talking about their internship!

  see some pictures pdf 


NES Institute Retreat 2010

The annual institute retreat of the Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems again took place at the gorgeous Längsee in Carinthia. Three days of interesting scientific and technical talks of PhD students and researchers were encircled by workshops on team communication and information transfer, as well as future perspectives beyond the research at the institute. Some breaking-ups were gained by making music with some surprise and competing in games bringing the teams save over acid rivers, before enjoying a guided tour through a famous brewery in Carinthia. With the invited talk of Dr. Arnold Maier (EFKON AG), concerning chances in an industrial career the retreat 2010 was rounded up.


Mobi Trick awarded 3rd place!

On June 22nd, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) awarded the best project proposals submitted 2009. Our Mobi Trick project (joint research project together with Graz University of Technology and Efkon AG Graz) achieved the 3rd place!

  Certificate pdf 

June 18, 2010: SOMA & UniKlu HiStories

UniKlu HiStories is a case study within the project "Self-Organizing Multimedia Architecture" (SOMA) to build an interactive multi-media library. Video streams are captured by several smart cameras during the University festival. Visitors can contribute and send photos of their personal history at the University by e-mail. At three locations the most interesting contributions are presented.

  more information can be found here (german only) pdf 

Visit from University of Udine


May 06, 2010: Double Degree Program "Information Technology"

Four prospective students from University of Udine visited together with Dr. Ingrid Visentini, currently studying within the Double Degree program, the Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems to inform themselves about the Double Degree program in Information Technology. The joint program of the Universities of Udine and Klagenfurt allows students to do parts of their master courses at the respective partner university. At the completion of their studies, students are awarded the degrees of both universities.

We at NES are looking forward to welcome the new students in our courses!

February 2010

On February 24th Prof. Nardi (Sapienza Univ. Roma) gave a talk within the Lakeside Labs colloquia.

Prof. Nardi is well known in the robotics community and works in the domain of rescue robots. In his talk he gave an overview of the potential for application of small UAVs for emergency response.

  Abstract of talk | Biography pdf 

  Pictures pdf 

January 2010

First Pervasive Computing Open Lab

On January 14th 2010, the Pervasive Computing Group invited students and colleagues to its first Open Lab. At the event, an insight into the teaching portfolio and research activities of the group was given.

A highlight of the event was the exhibition area where students doing their project or master theses in Pervasive Computing presented their work. The numerous projects covered a wide range of topics including aerial imaging, smart camera systems, pervasive gaming, sensor networks and autonomous robots. Many students took the opportunity to inform themselves about open research projects and thesis topics. An open atmosphere encouraged interesting discussions which likely will lead to new and fruitful student projects. We thank all participants for attending the event and are looking forward to future Open Lab events! 

  Impressions OpenLab2010 pdf 

November 2009


You know NAO? No? Then check out this video!

NAO is a humanoid robot produced by Aldebaran Robotics and got famous because it has its dedicated league at the RoboCup Soccer Competition. On their promotion tour through Austria the company visited also our Institute and gave an impressive demonstration of this cute robots.

November 2009


On November 20, the cDrones group held its first "research day".  The intention of this event was to present the current state of the project and to discuss research questions to tackle in the coming months.

All master students presented their theses work. Our research staff focused their presentations on the current state of the art and open problems.  The research day was accompanied by an impressive demonstration of our software framework for simulating and visualizing a mission. It was a very intensive but also interesting day with many discussions and ideas for the future. Learn more about the cDrones project here.

October 2009

October 2009: Smart Cameras and Visual Sensor Networks - Tutorial at ESWeek 2009
The motivation for this tutorial was to bring together researchers and students working on the various fields related to smart camera networks and to introduce this topic to embedded systems people. This half-day tutorial provided a unique opportunity to get introduced to the state-of-the-art and open problems in smart camera networks and to get to know the work and the people conducting research in this field. Learn here more!    
October 2009


October 2009: On October 24 the IEEE Xtreme 24-hour programming competition took place ( Over 700 Teams competed in this worldwide contest.

Klagenfurt University was represented by Anita Sobe (ITEC), István Fehérvári (NES/Mobile Systems Group) and Bernhard Dieber (NES/Pervasive Computing Group). Their effort resulted in 25. place which is the upper 5% worldwide and a top-ten ranking in the IEEE region 08 (Europe, Middle East and Africa)!

July 2009


July 2009: In course of the initiative 'Informatik erLeben' ( fourth grade pupils (elementary school) visited our university to “experience” current research topics. Markus Quaritsch demonstrated the cDrones project and explained how microdrones fly. The children where were very enthusiastic and asked a lot of questions.


click here for the online Gallery of 'Informatik erLeben'

July 2009


July 2009: During the IT-Summercamp ( 33 pupils between 14 and 18 years were guests at Klagenfurt University. Bernhard Dieber advised eight of them in the "Just another Messenger"- project where they implemented an instant messaging chat system. All participants worked with great enthusiasm and fun on this project and are looking forward to the IT-Camp 2010.

  pictures of IT Summercamp 2009 pdf 

June/July 2009

June 29 - July 5, 2009: "cDrones" at RoboCupRescue!

From June 29 to July 5, 2009 the best robot teams from all over the world competed in the world championship for intelligent robots in Graz/AT. We participated with our project "cDrones" at RoboCupRescue!


Youtube: Videos of RoboCup 2009 


Gallery: RoboCup Rescue Demo

May 2009

May 2009: Guest Lecture "Artificial Vision"

Gian Luca Foresti and Christian Micheloni, University of Udine



  Abstract and Outline pdf 

  Selected photos pdf 

March 2009

On March 4th, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) awarded the best project proposals submitted 2008.
Our CLIC project achieved the first place out of 12 submissions in the "embedded systems" call!


  Press Notes pdf 

March 2009

On March 18th, the Faculty of Technical Sciences together with HTL Mössingerstrasse and Zentraler Informatikdienst organized this years Linux Day with more than 30 talks and presentations. Our research group was present with a booth demonstrating the cDrones project.  
  learn more pdf 

February 2009

The forth edition of the „Kinder-Uni” took place at Klagenfurt University on February 19, 2009.  
  more information pdf 

November 2008

In the station-competition at this years "Lange Nacht der Forschung" our presentation of the cDrones project achieved the second place out of more than 55 competitors in Klagenfurt!
  Award "Lupe" 2008 pdf 

Pictures of "Lange Nacht der Forschung 2008" at Klagenfurt University

October 2008 - Guest Lecture
October 2008

Guest Lecture "RFID Topics"
by Dr. Ulrich Neffe/NXP Gratkorn


  Abstract pdf 

eMCAM 2008
September 2008

eMCAM-08: Workshop on Embedded Middleware for Smart Camera and Visual Sensor Networks, held in conjunction with ICDSC 2008


  Topics of Interest pdf 

September 2008
September 2008

ICDSC 2008: Second ACM/IEEE International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras in Stanford University


  Call for Papers ICDSC 2008 pdf 

August 2008 - BM Hahn at Klagenfurt University
August 2008

Minister Hahn visits Lakeside Labs project "Collaborative Microdrones"


  Details and pictures pdf 

  Unisono Nachlese: Forschung kennt keine geographischen Grenzen! pdf 

Professors Shah´s visit in July / August 2008
July/August 2008

In July/August 2008 Professor Mubarak Shah from the University of Central Florida worked as guest professor at the Pervasive Computing Group


  learn more about his visit! pdf 

  Interview with Prof. Mubarak Shah pdf 

Lakeside Labs Colloquium
July 2008


Lakeside Labs Scientific Colloquium "Video Surveillance and Monitoring"

Prof. Mubarak Shah, Central Florida University


  Abstract pdf 

ICDSC Award June 2008
June 2008


Pervasive Computing Group awarded for organization of ICDSC-07!


  Award pdf 

Guest Lecture Artificial Vision May 2008
May 2008


Guest Lecture "Artificial Vision"

Gian Luca Foresti and Christian Micheloni, University of Udine


  Abstract and Outline pdf 

  Pictures Guest Lecture pdf 

Colloquium Tuebingen May 2008
May 2008


Colloquium at Tuebingen University, Germany

Talk with Prof. Rinner


  Abstract pdf 

Advanced Topics in Pervasive Computing March 2008
March 2008


"Advanced Topics in Pervasive Computing"

New Lecture and Course in Summer Term 2008!


  Info Sheet Lecture pdf 

  Info Sheet Course pdf 

March 2008



Special Issue on Human-Centric Applications of Distributed Camera Networks


  Journal on Image and Video Processing pdf 

January 2008


Article on Smart Cameras


  "VDI Nachrichten" pdf 

November 2007 

Informatics Colloquium

at University of Paderborn with Prof. Rinner 

  Abstract to download pdf 

November 2007 

Smart Cameras again in Press:

"Kleine Zeitung", November 17

  "Tag der Forschung" at Klagenfurt University pdf 

November 2007

Article on Smart Cameras 
  Berliner Zeitung pdf 

November 2007 

Article "Smart Cameras"

published in "Technology Review" of November 2007

  Abstract pdf 

October 2007  

Guest Lecture "RFID Topics" by Dr. Ulrich Neffe/NXP Gratkorn 
  Overview pdf 

September 2007 

First ACM/IEEE International Conference On Distributed Smart Cameras

September 25 - 28 | Vienna | Austria

Click here for the homepage of ICDSC-07
  download the Conference Poster! pdf 

September 2007 

Radio-Interview mit "Deutschlandfunk"  
  "Schlaue Kameras" - download the Interview pdf 

September 2007

Informatics Keynotes:

"Intelligente Kameras - Vier Augen sehen mehr als zwei"

by Prof. Bernhard Rinner

"Woche der Informatik" | Austrian Computer Society

  Download the abstract pdf 

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