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Master Theses

Master theses are conducted on the various theoretical and practical aspects of pervasive computing. We also provide thesis in collaboration with other universities or industrial partners. Please contact Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rinner for further information.




Guidelines Master Thesis

  download pdf-file download 


LaTeX template for Master Theses

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Supervisors congratulate the Graduate


Master Theses | completed

  Jakub Misiorny | Feature extraction and matching in multi-spectral images pdf 

  Jan Richter | Analysis of security mechanisms for resource constraint web enabled devices pdf 

  Neelima Gumpena | Transformation of Workflow Models using MDA approaches pdf 

  Damjan Pörtsch | Distributed and Balanced Image Processing Among Multiple UAVs, Base Stations and Clients in Disaster Scenarios pdf 

  Thomas Aichholzer | Middlewaresystems in the area of Wireless Sensor Networks pdf 

  Roland Wasserer | Visualization of Mosaicked Aerial Image Date for Disaster Management Applications pdf 

  Gerald Stanje | Design, development, and implementation of energy-harvesting-aware communication protocols for the EnHANTs (Energy-Harvesting Active Networked Tags) pdf 

  Akkaladevi Sharath Chandra | Distributed Object Tracking in Smart Camera Networks pdf 

  Daniela Florian | Implementation and Evaluation of an Autofocus and Registration Algorithm for Infrared Microscope Imaging pdf 

  Melanie Schranz | Reaching a Consensus in Multi-Agent Networks pdf 

  Bernhard Dieber | RFID-based localization pdf 

  Herwig Guggi | Sensor Fusion for a LED-based multispectral image recording system pdf 

  Andreas Weiß | Embedded Sensor Fusion in Traffic Monitoring pdf 

  Stefan Urabl | Cooperative Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks pdf 

  Yuvarakesh Vadlamudi | Color Segmentation based on Face Detection for Picture Enhancement in Digital TV pdf 

  Chintalapati Mourya | Evaluation of Embedded Operating Systems for the TMS320DM6437 pdf 

  Michal Filip Gurtowski | Implementierung und Evaluierung eines Transport-Monitoring-Systems basierend auf Drahtlosen Sensornetzwerken pdf 

  Lokesh Peddireddi | Extraction of Audio Features for SVM-based Vehicle Classification pdf 

  Sandeep Katragadda | Reliable and robust feature point detection pdf 


Master Theses | ongoing

  Andrija Sucevic | Extraction of biometrical features for identification of a 3D head model using Microsoft Kinect pdf 

  Alankar Aryal Atreya | Adaptive Online Tracking using Multiple Tracking Approaches pdf 

  Arnold Hafner-Kragl | A pandaboard-based smartcam platform pdf 

  Thomas Grassauer | Augmented reality applications for mobile devices pdf 

  Johannes Brecher | Image Processing in VHDL pdf 

  Venu Gande | Implementation of Object Detection methods on GPU pdf 

  Markus Lang | Path and trajectory planning for a single unmanned aerial vehicle pdf 

  Stefan Leitner | Design and implementation of an embedded communication and sensing platform for use with UAVs pdf 

  Vidya Sagar Kantamneni | Design and development of Digital Filter Structures for Intelligent Sensors pdf 


Master Theses | open

  Please download the pdf-file for a selection of available topics! pdf 

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