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Examination Rules

Standardregelungen für schriftliche Prüfungen / General conditions for written examinations


Both, ingenuity and absent mindedness of students motivate us to publish the following rules to be observed with written exams for courses taught by members of the Institute of Informatics Systems. If you have a specific problem with some of the rules laid down below, please contact the instructor of your course and/or the chairperson of the institute at least one week before the scheduled date of the examination.


  1. You must present proof of identity (Student card, Austrian Drivers Licence)
  2. You have to write your name and matriculation number on the sheets you intend to turn in before you address the individual responses.
  3. You also have to indicate whether this is the first, second, or third attempt of this particular examination (with labs you indicate the repetitions of the course).
  4. When you leave the room early, you have to return the sheet(s) containing the questions. This applies even if you plan not to give any answers. In this case you have to return the empty sheet.
  5. All answers have to be given with blue or black ballpoint-pen or filler. I.e., pencils or colours other than blue or black are barred.
  6. Materials and equipment:
    1. With "open book exams" (Prüfung mit Unterlagen) only the specified material (books, course notes) are permitted.   
      No further devices (laptops, palmtops, pocket calculators, cell-phones (Handys), translators, etc.) are permitted.
    2. With "closed book exams" (Prüfung ohne Unterlagen) you need only a working pen, possibly a spare pen, and a ruler or triangle. If calculations are required, they are usually of such simple nature that high-school graduates can perform them off the top of their head.
    3. If in special situations more involved calculations will be required, students will be forewarned and special requirements for equipment will be arranged.
      For examinations requiring a PC or laptop, the necessary equipment will be provided by the university.
    4. Translation engines are prohibited. Foreign students who expect problems with the language of the examination are advised to consult the instructor ahead of time. They might turn in a dictionary (printed book, free from annotations) the day before the examination at the institutes secretary specifying clearly to which student this dictionary is to be returned at exactly which examination (affixing a post-it containing this information might help).
    5. Wearing ear-phones is prohibited in any case.
  7. Students that act against these rules will be expelled from the examination with the consequence of obtaining a negative result. Serious violations against proper conduct at examinations might be also reported to the Rector of Studies.
  8. Handicapped students for whom observing of these rules will constitute an undue burden or who have special requirements of any sort (questions in larger print, additional light, etc.) have to inform the instructor of their course at least one week before the examination will take place. 


Klagenfurt, October 2007


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