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Mission Statement

Mission and Organisation

The mission of the Institut für Informatik-Systeme can be split into two seemingly disjoint aspects that are partly reflected in its internal organisational structure. It consists of three research groups in core disciplines of Informatics, these are

  • Information and Communication Systems,
  • Interactive Systems, and
  • Software Engineering.

They focus in their research and teaching on system-level concerns of Informatics in the areas of Data Engineering, Usability Research, Software Engineering and Computational Intelligence.


In addition to this core obligation, it comprises also the research group on

  • Informatics Didactics.

This group is devoted to teacher education in Informatics. Its research focuses on didactical issues of Informatics in secondary schools.


Considering the mission of the four research groups from the perspective of artefacts addressed, one sees that their obligations fit nicely. Information and communication aspects can be seen as two sides of the coin of information processing technology. Considering the world-wide web, the integration of Information- and Communication Systems becomes most obvious. Following the general theme of application orientation, we focus on the development aspects ranging from organisational aspects to actual software implementation. These issues concern modelling aspects, scientifically rooted in both, data- and software engineering, as well as usability issues, addressed by the Interactive Systems group.
Considering Informatics-topics primarily relevant for general education, one meets exactly the topics just mentioned. As the “fundamental ideas” of informatics are mainly on the systems level, the integration of the didactics group to the Institute of Informatics Systems is most appropriate.



While there are core courses regularly taught by members of ISYS, there is no fixed allocation of courses to research groups (not even to institutes). This flexibility within professional limits ensures not only periodic refreshing, it also helps to cope with uneven demand and it ensures that junior scientists get at least by their lab-teaching a profile sharpened by the variety of a rotational principle in cooperation with different professors.


Currently, the general Introduction to Informatics and the Introduction to Programming are taught by members of ISYS. Further we teach the introductory course to Interactive Systems and to Software Engineering. The introductory Data Base course is taught either by us or by Applied Informatics. At the masters’ level, each group contributes a set of courses on its respective specialty.
Details of the courses currently taught can be seen by following this link.



The research focus of the four groups centres around the areas mentioned in the designation of the groups following international trends. In light of the available personnel, specific foci are addressed. The details are presented on the pages of the individual groups as well as with the scientific members of the respective group.

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