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Usability Lab


The lab is equipped with standard devices supporting the performance of usability tests, e.g. video and audio recording and processing facilities or eye tracking equipment for stationary and mobile eye tracking evaluations. On the software side several applications were developed in internships or diploma theses which support extraordinary usability evaluation needs. To support enhanced and flexible data processing and analysis, the eye tracking software Trackqueen has been developed. To support the evaluation of new developments in ICT, especially mobile evaluation, software applications and hardware prototypes were developed which provide the possibility of mobile usability evaluation without missing the benefits of stationary lab equipment (e.g. video and audio recording of different sources). With this equipment it is possible to perform standard usability tests (e.g. website + softwaretests) as well as customized tests for mobile applications, special devices or integrated systems in more or less arbitrary circumstances and environments.


Smart Home Lab / Living Lab

The smart home lab is connected to the usability lab, therefore prototypes developed within internships, diploma theses or scientific projects such as Casa Vecchia can be evaluated efficiently with the available equipment described above. The living lab is connected physically as well as virtually to the smart home lab. In the living lab, smart home components are build in to show how they could be integrated and hidden to work in a person´s or a families´own home. The smart home lab provides the possibility to look behind the scenes of smart home technology.


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