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Mission Statement


The Interactive Systems (IAS) Team (click on image to stop animation)

The Interactive Systems research group was founded in 2000 by Prof. Martin Hitz. Its core competencies span the areas of usability engineering, novel interaction mechanisms, non-classical user interfaces, cognitive psychology in the context of user interfaces, smart homes control and interaction, design and modelling of information systems. In all of these areas, the group is focusing its research activities on various aspects of “user-friendliness” of interest in the future, i.e.:

  • mobility and integration of computerized components into everyday artefacts/devices (form factors, interaction mechanisms, application areas)
  • accessibility (underserved population groups, digital divide, e-government)
  • new interface paradigms (3D, virtual reality, ubiquitous / pervasive computing)

Besides its activities in basic research, the group maintains several co-operations with scientific and industrial partners (research and consulting projects).





Gerhard Leitner and Anton Fercher received the bronze medal in the category services of the build! business idea competition 2012.


JAMES - Intelligent Agent based Multiservice Environment for Smarthomes
The one stop shop for private owners interested in equipping their home with state of the art smart home technology.


David Ahlström’s work with Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin and Porang Irani, “Why it’s Quick to be Square: Modelling New and Existing Hierarchical Menu Designs”, was shortlisted for the “Best Paper Award” at CHI 2010 in Atlanta. 

Christian Kruschitz and Martin Hitz have received the "Best Paper Award" for their paper "The Anatomy of HCI Design Patterns"presented during PATTERNS2009 in Athens.

Trinitec IT Solutions & Consulting and their partner How To Win won Carinthia's 2008 price for innovations in ICT.


The awarded product, their "electronic Sales Process Optimizer eSPO", is built around Ronald Linasi's master thesis on a funnel-based process visualization.


David Ahlström's contribution to CHI 2005 in Portland, "Modeling and Improving Selection in Cascading Pull-Down Menus Using Fitts' Law, the Steering Law and Force Fields", was shortlisted for the "Best Paper Award". 

In March 2005, the course "Objektorientierte Implementierung von Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen" (summer term 2004) has been awarded the university's price for "Lehre mit hohem Innovationspotenzial". 

The joint Project "Bhutan - Fortress of the Gods"


was awarded "Best Museum Website 2001" at the "Museums and the Web" conference 2001 in Seattle.

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