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The following eclectic list shows the variety and diversity of the research projects at the Institutes of Informatics. Information to further projects is available on request at the individual offices.  


Information and Communication Systems


InterOp - European Network of Excellence
AvailableSince January 2002
Sponsored byEU
ContactProf. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Johann Eder
EmployeesDr. Christian Koncilia, Dr. Marek Lehmann, Dr. Horst Pichler
DescriptionInterop is a Network of Excellence supported by the European Commission for a three-year-period. It aims to create the conditions of an innovative and competitive research in the domain of Interoperability for Enterprise Applications and Software.
The competitive ability of European companies, including KMU, significantly depends on whether they are able to organize themselves in dynamic networks. Therefore new technologies to advance the interoperability within and between companies in all ranks – from business processes to “application-integration” up to the networking of computers – are absolutely required.
INTEROP will facilitate the emergence of an interoperability research corpus through the fusion of three knowledge-components:
  • Architectures and Enabling Technologies (A&T) to provide implementation frameworks,
  • Enterprise Modelling (EM) to define interoperability requirements
  • Ontology (ONT) to identify interoperability semantics in the enterprise.

The integration will be achieved by the end of the 3-year project duration. Meanwhile, INTEROP spreading of excellence activities should ensure the fertilisation of the largest research community as well as IT providers and users, to provide a durable Virtual Lab on Interoperability beyond the EU-funded period.


Available2002 - 2003
Sponsored byÖAD - Austrian Exchange Service
Cooperation(s)Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Computing Science
ContactProf. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Johann Eder
Phone+43 (09463 2700 3502
Fax+43 (0)463 2700 3598
EmployeesProf. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Johann Eder
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christian Koncilia
Dr. Marek Lehmann
Prof. Dr. Tadeusz Morzy
DescriptionA data warehouse is an integrated, materialized view over several data sources which can be conventionally structured or semi-structured data. The most important usage of data warehouses in On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) typically using a multi-dimensional view of the data. Available OLAP systems are therefore prepared to deal with changing measures, e.g., changing profit or turnover. Surprisingly, they are not able to deal with modifications in dimensions, e.g., if a new branch or division is established, although time is usually explicitly represented as a dimension in data warehouses. The reason for this disturbing property of current data warehouse technology is the implicity underlying assumptions that the dimensions are orthogonal. Orthogonality with respect to the dimension time means the other dimensions ought to be time-invariant. This silent assumptions inhibits the proper treatment of changes in dimension data. Our approach to solve this problem consists of three parts:
  • Extension of the well-known data warehouse architecture with temporal aspects to keep track of structural modifications.
  • Identification of the different structure versions stored in the temporal data warehouse.
  • Transformation functions, to transform numerical data from one structure version to another.

The goal of TeDaWa was to push research in the field of temporal data warehouse further ahead. We wanted to extend the UML Metamodel we proposed in order to enable us to deal with Fact-Constellation Schemas, i.e. with data warehouses that store data about different cubes which share dimensions. Furthermore we wanted to develop a method that allows to deal with changes on both, the schema and the instance level of data warehouses.


Sponsored byFFF, shm - siemens health management gmbh
Cooperation(s)shm - siemens health management gmbh
ContactDipl.-Ing. Karl Wiggisser
Phone+43 (0)463 2700 3511
Fax+43 (0)463 2700 3598
EmployeesProf. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Johann Eder, Dr. Christian Koncilia, Dipl.-Ing. Karl Wiggisser
DescriptionTemporal data warehouse for OLAP tools which ensures correct analysis and reporting despite changes in dimensions over time.


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