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Lab Courses (Softwarepraktika)

To obtain practical experience is one of the main objectives of the Bachelor programme in Informatics at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt. Hence, the curriculum specifies the lab course ("8h-Praktikum”) as one of the capstone-courses leading to a Bakkalaureatsarbeit (BA-thesis). It comprises a term-project which might extend over two semesters.
The lab course is structured into individual projects. The project teams typically consist of two to three students. Each team is guided by a member of the academic staff and supervised by a professor.
The problem to be resolved is a rather complex task which has its roots in business, administration or research. The possibility to get acquainted to practice and “business reality” is appreciated by students as well as practitioners/researchers serving as “customers”.
If you are interested in one of the following projects, kindly contact the associated advisor.



Former Lab Courses

Prozessdokumentation TeWi
AvailableWS07 - SS08
Statusin progress
ContactDipl.-Ing. Horst Pichler
Phone+43 (0)463 2700 3521
Fax+43 (0)463 2700 3598
  • Analysieren, modellieren und dokumentieren (webbased) Sie ausgewählte Prozesse der technischen Fakultät
  • Recherchieren, wählen und vergleichen Sie Prozessmodellierungstechniken
  • Interviewen Sie Prozessbeteiligte und Prozessverantwortliche
  • 8h/Bakk
  • 2 StudentInnen
  • Informatik, Informationsmanagement, Wirtschaftswissenschaften
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