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Internships (Praxissemester)

Internships as part of the academic curriculum are still a speciality to Klagenfurt’s Mathematics curriculum. The qualification for the master’s degree requires internships that are generally one term work experiences in industry or research. Graduate students are enabled to participate in complex software development projects, gather new problem development perspectives, or apply and enhance methods and tools of their area of expertise.

Students are encouraged to acquire contacts with companies and propose internships by themselves or they may choose from the proposals given. In either case, please contact an advisor before you make definitive arrangements.



Discrete Mathematics and Optimization


Internship at Kapsch TrafficCom
AvailableApril 2008 - July 2008

Kapsch TrafficCom is a leading company in the field of electronic toll systems. Based on the toll system many additional telematics applications are possible. Subject area is traffic data analysis for a dynamic traffic monitor based on DSRC transactions, the design of parameters for the optimal calculation of the Level of Service as well as the settings of the hysteresis boundaries.


Internship carried out by Karin Kruggel.


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